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The Bragg building where the School of Computing is located.

The Centre for Doctoral Training in AI for Medical Diagnosis and Care is training over 50 graduates to become highly effective researchers, team-workers, communicators and innovators in AI within the health domain, publishing at the highest international level and equipped to unlock the immense potential of AI in everyday medical practice.

Aims of the Centre

  • A sustainable and internationally outstanding Centre for research training in the application of AI to medical diagnosis and care;
  • A research training environment with exemplary adherence to principals of equality, diversity and inclusion, targeting a 50-50 ratio of female to male graduates drawn from a broad range of health and STEM backgrounds;
  • National leadership in the development of software systems for ensuring security and privacy in the use of health-related data and compute-intensive algorithms in the cloud;
  • Graduates who embody a culture of innovation and world class leadership, ensuring the UK remains at the forefront in health research, provision and commercial innovation;
  • Seeding of larger research collaborations with industry, the public sector and international university partners of the Centre;
  • Collaborative exploitation of new research ideas arising from the Centre in conjunction with industry partners, and technology transfer agencies.

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