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Auguste Rumbutyte

Research Topic: AI for diagnosis of follicular lymphoma using multimodal data.

Supervisors: Prof David Westhead, Prof Andy Bulpitt, Prof Reuben Tooze, Dr Matthew Care.

About Auguste: I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2020 with a bachelor's degree in Medical Genetics. I then studied for a postgraduate degree in Cancer Research and completed an internship at a DNA sequencing company in Sweden. Afterwards, I completed my master's degree in Cancer Research and Molecular Biomedicine at the University of Manchester.

Project Description: This project aims to leverage AI methods to integrate a comprehensive multimodal dataset of follicular lymphoma (FL) patients, which includes clinical, treatment, survival data, high-throughput transcriptomics, DNA sequencing, and digital pathology. This research is motivated by the need to address the diagnostic and prognostic challenges associated with FL, an indolent but incurable disease. By predicting early progression and transformation to aggressive disease across various patient subsets and treatment regimens (chemo-immunotherapy, radiotherapy, and watch and wait), we hope to improve clinical decision-making. The ultimate goal is to facilitate better treatment choices and reassurance for both patients and clinicians, potentially leading to clinical trials and improved patient outcomes within the NHS.