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Emma Briggs

Research Topic: AI Cancer RATS in Primary Care

Supervisors: Mr Owen Johnson, Dr Marc de Kamps, Dr Ciarán McInerney, Prof Richard Neal, Dr Sarah Alderson

About Emma: My background is in Maths and Computer Science (BSc) and I’ve just finished my MSc in Health Informatics, my thesis was centred around AI fairness in healthcare, but I am also interested in multiple aspects of medical AI.

Project description: Cancer RATS are Risk Assessment Tools that implement a simple set of rules to help primary care doctors make an early assessment of the risk of cancer. The project is to develop AI based approaches that will help improve this approach to the early detection of cancer risk. It will be based on a retrospective cohort study of data from ResearchOne, assessing the positive predictive value of Cancer RATS over a historic moving time frame to better understand the key data points which trigger an increase in patient risk and to determine the scale of missed opportunities. The research will use this data to develop next generation Machine-Learning/Process Mining algorithms designed to improve upon the current generation of Cancer RATS.