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Siân Carey

Research Topic: Patient Safety with AI – using AI to ensure safer AI

Supervisors: Dr Marc de Kamps, Mr Owen Johnson, Dr Ciarán McInerney, Dr Tom Lawton, Dr Alwyn Kotze, Dr Ibrahim Habli (University of York)

About Siân: My background is in maths and I have just graduated from an integrated masters in maths at the University of Leeds.

Project description: Patient safety is a well-established discipline, encompassing the avoidance, prevention and amelioration of adverse outcomes or injuries stemming from the process of healthcare. The patient safety of AI solutions is a growing concern, particularly where the design and development of AI does not consider potential hazards of its use, misuse and abuse. This research will apply methods and heuristics, borrowing from statistical theory, information theory and adversarial machine learning, to develop an AI solution that can assess other AI solutions in cancer care, with regards to the patient safety risks arising from bias in the solutions. The project has the support of the Yorkshire and the Humber NIHR Patient Safety translational Research Centre.