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Zoe Hancox

Research Topic: Temporal Graph-based Convolutional Neural Networks for Electronic Healthcare Record Data

Supervisors: Dr Sam Relton, Dr Andrew Clegg, Prof Philip Cohaghan, Dr Sarah Kingsbury

About Zoe: I have just completed a Masters in Medical Engineering, and I look forward to getting to learn more about behind the scenes of in the NHS.

Project description: This project is concerned with the development of a novel neural network architecture for early prediction of disease from electronic heath records. The key idea is to use a graph-based approach to encode the temporal occurrence of clinical events, coupled with graph convolutional methods to perform inference. The work will begin with a preliminary study on musculoskeletal disease and frailty, using the existing ResearchOne dataset. The application to cancer prediction will follow this proof of principle study, alongside exploration of the impact of multimorbidity on the patient trajectory.