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Zuzanna Wojcik

Research Topic: Predictors of adjuvant chemotherapy toxicity and hospital admissions in patients with early breast and colorectal cancer, using quality of life and patient-reported outcome measures.

Supervisors: Prof Vania Dimitrova , Prof Galina Velikova, Dr Kate Absolom, Dr Lorraine Warrington

About Zuzanna: Zuzanna completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Essex and MSc in Digital Health at the University of Bristol.

Project description: Adverse effects of chemotherapy can lead to serious health issues and often require hospital admissions or treatment management. Increased unplanned healthcare utilisation can negatively impact the quality of care and patients’ physical and emotional well-being. Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) are questionnaires which measure patients’ perception on their health status, without being influenced by clinical opinion. This project aims to use PROMs collected in a clinical trial to explore treatment options and help identifying patients at risk of experiencing undesirable clinical outcomes, such as chemotherapy toxicity.